Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum

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  • In these early days of full time education children learn to develop the necessary skills that will enable them to access learning and become effective learners.
  • The curriculum is designed to develop a broad range of skills and focuses on three prime areas of learning and specific areas of learning: communication and language, physical development and personal, social and emotional development, literacy, mathematics, understanding the world and expressive arts.
  • The above learning areas are supported and developed, skilfully and creatively by the teacher, through constructive child focused activities, inviting and encouraging children to explore and discover new learning.
  • Children have access to full range of resources and interesting opportunities with which to create, to develop individual creativity and to think about their work adapting and expanding ideas.
  • The curriculum is taught in focused sessions for short periods either in whole class, small groups or 1:1, independent exploration of learning is encouraged through a classroom environment providing continuous access to resources and ideas enabling children to choose to engage in learning at their own level of interest, ability and individuality, at a time that motivates them.
  • Phonics ( Read Write Inc) is taught daily and children are immersed in an environment that values and prioritises literacy and numeracy through active and creative learning.
  • The doors are always open to the outdoor space also the school grounds and local beach are precious resources that are used frequently to stimulate learning.
  • Beach School develops understanding of the changing seasons and provides space and time to explore the locality and world. The wild area creates opportunities to imagine, build, search and find or sit around a camp fire and tell each other stories (and jokes)

Mara: "Where does a pirate go shopping?" ... "Ahhrrrrgos!"
Mara: " Where does a pirate go toy shopping?" ... "Ahhrrrrgos?" ..... " Oh no!..... Toys Ahhrrr Us!"

  • Priceless moments occur every day in Reception so the magic of being a 4 and 5 year old is captured, valued and exploited to motivate and inspire learning.
  • Learning in Reception is based around an explorative and research based approach through changing themes which children contribute to, making choices about their learning.
  • Learning themes include: Up, Up and Away (Growing and Change), Cold Things and Chilly Places, Superheroes which enables learning across all areas to emerge and develop supported by the environment, resources and skilful staff team.
  • The majority of children enter Reception class broadly in line with the developmental expectations for their age across all areas of learning.
  • By the end of the Reception year the majority of children are ready to begin or have begun to learn National Curriculum skills.


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Our Values

We aim to teach the children at Haverigg Primary School how to behave well and to be considerate and self-disciplined individuals.

We highlight different values throughout the year to provide children with the language and understanding to maintain these values.