Reading, the most important skill there is!

In KS2 reading continues to be a high priority. Teachers build in time for children to read independently, alongside an adult, as part of a whole class and in small guided reading groups.  At the start of every year, class teachers hold parent meetings to discuss how parents can support their child with their independent reading as they develop through the school. We encourage reading for pleasure through children having a choice of challenging and enriching texts to choose from our school library.  We are aware that we live in a rural, isolated location therefore we ensure that children have access to books which celebrate different cultures, religions and the protected characteristics.

The Accelerated Reader (AR) programme has helped to provide structure and order to our school library so that as children move off the RWI book bag books we know that they are accessing books suitable to their ability.  Children have the freedom to choose any book within their reading band as we want to develop a culture of reading for pleasure.  As children become confident readers we understand that they will develop an interest for a particular reading genre, author or theme, therefore we ensure that we do not limit their access to these books even if they are not available through the AR scheme.    Click here for instructions on how to access AR at home

Year 3 Curriculum Yearly Plan

Year 3 Curriculum Overview

Year 3 Learning Plans

Autumn learning plan  - Stone Age Rocks!

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Spring learning plan - The Romans

Summer learning plan - Ancient Egypt

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Our Values

We aim to teach the children at Haverigg Primary School how to behave well and to be considerate and self-disciplined individuals.

We highlight different values throughout the year to provide children with the language and understanding to maintain these values.