Emotional Well-being and Values

A Whole School Approach




Developing Emotional Resilience and Wellbeing

Building emotional resilience is a vital part of our development as we grow up. It helps us pick ourselves up after challenging times; helps us to take a breath and try, try again and helps us see our mistakes as opportunities to learn and grow. In school we are working hard to help our children develop their emotional wellbeing and their ability to be determined and "bounce back".

Each half term we focus in a different whole school value to help children realise the importance of: tolerance, respect, courtesy, kindness, honesty ( to name just a few). Click on the links below to see examples of our Values posters that are displayed around school.


Click here to view our leaflet - Developing Emotional Resilience and Wellbeing


We weave our values into all we do at Haverigg

  • House Points
  • PE and Sport
  • Celebrating Creativity and Difference
  • Providing an active, fun-filled curriculum that promotes appropriate risktaking, encourages challenge and develops a growth mindset



Our Values

We aim to teach the children at Haverigg Primary School how to behave well and to be considerate and self-disciplined individuals.

We highlight different values throughout the year to provide children with the language and understanding to maintain these values.