Local Support Services

Family Action

Millom Children's Centre
Lapstone Road, Millom
Tel: 01229 777592

  • Contact Millom Children's Centre for any advice or support for children and families.

  • The Centre operates a rolling programme of activities for children and parents.

  • Drop in any time for information. No appointment necessary.

Click here to go the Family Action website

Partnership of Millom Schools (PoMS)

Haverigg Primary School is part of the Millom Partnership of Schools.

The purpose of this group is to work together to support each other and facilitate the highest outcomes and aspirations for our pupils, parents, staff and wider communities.

PoMS Aims:

  • To identify and share expertise, strengths and resources to improve provision and raise educational standards.

  • To develop mutual trust, respect and understanding of the work and contribution of each individual school to the experience of our learners.

  • To promote collaboration amongst all staff and learners across the cluster schools.

  • To provide support to individual head teachers and develop leadership across the cluster.

  • To ensure effective communication of local information to parents and provide support for families in need.

  • To take advantage of opportunities to achieve ‘best value for money’ when sourcing supplies and services.

  • To devise collaborative projects that impact upon pupils’ learning and give them opportunities to meet before transition to the next stage of their education.

  • To increase the opportunities to extend and enrich the school curriculum.

Who we are:

  • The Millom cluster consists of 8 schools within Millom and the surrounding areas.

What we do:

  • Head teachers for these 8 schools meet every half term with a thorough and diverse agenda. On occasions, this includes visiting speakers who contribute to the support and improvement process.

School Nurse

Haverigg school is well supported by our own School Nurse - Karen Hirst.

Karen is on hand to support all aspects of health and wellbeing and is a direct link to health services for the children and families of our school community. Please contact school for more information.


Our Values

We aim to teach the children at Haverigg Primary School how to behave well and to be considerate and self-disciplined individuals.

We highlight different values throughout the year to provide children with the language and understanding to maintain these values.